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DK Bicycles Team At The Simple Session 2014

Looks like this year Ryys will be dropping team videos from the Simple Session 2014 that went down past month and here is DK Bicycles team. DK sent Drew Bezanson, Mike Varga, Brian Kachinsky and Vinny Mannino to Tallinn, Estonia to have fun and to shred at, what could be sad, year’s best BMX contest. Unfortunately Vinny Mannino crashed pretty badly, which sucks, but he is doing good, so we are all stoked for him and wishing him a fast recovery. The rest of the DK Bicycles crew ended up without any serious injury and here they are, talking about the whole event, how massive the crowd is and BMX in general. Listen to this guy and you may learn a few things. It does not matter if it is a huge jump box trick or a super technical rail stunt, BMX is about having fun. Have thing in mind kids, because this is very important.

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