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Double Ditch BMX Jam 2013

On August 16th and 17th the annual Double Ditch BMX Jam is happening in new Mexico and if you live somewhere in that area, you definitely need to go there, at leas for one day of good times.
“August 16th – Alamosa Jam at 5:00 with an art show following at 9:00 at the Separations gallery Sponsored by Pabts Blue Ribbon with work done by Wesely McGarth and Chris Mortenson.
August 17th – Jam at Double Ditch starting at 2:00 till the sun goes down, then following that will be a Red Bull Sponsored after party at Sister Bar in downtown Albuquerque a Video premiere of “Rail Talk” mixtape by Mario Carrasco and “KOLOR” by Nate Richter.”



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