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Drew Bezanson’s Hand Painted Red Bull Helmet

This is how Drew Bezanson’s current hand-painted Red Bull helmet, featurign Shadow’s Interlock chain and a sweet logo in the back (check after the jump) looks like.



6 Comments to “Drew Bezanson’s Hand Painted Red Bull Helmet”

  1. Hi my name is Kaycee I’m from Henderson NV and I ride BMX. Do you have any old Red Bull helmets that you give away??? I think Drew Bezanson is awsome! I would love to have one of these helmets 🙂 I’m actually watching Drew Bezanson on Xgames right now!

    Thanks for reading this,

    Kaycee Hawes

    • Hey Kaycee,
      You need to contact Drew about that. You never know what happens, hit him up.

  2. Hi Riko do you know drew because if you do I would like to get in contact with him

    • Hey,
      Unfortunately I don’t know Drew in person. Try contacting him on Twitter, he is pretty active up there.

  3. Ok Riko thanks for the help

  4. Hi Riko I tried but I couldn’t figure out how to contact Drew do you know of any other ways to contact Drew i also tried Facebook

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