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Eastern History Lesson: Leigh Ramsdell Useless Section

Eastern History Lesson: Leigh Ramsdell Useless Section from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“In 1994 I decided to start a small clothing company. I called it Useless simply because I though it was funny and sometimes I would have people say to me that BMX was a useless skill to have. Funny how I was able to see a lot of the world with this useless skill. In 1997 Useless released it’s first video, on VHS. I edited this video on Props old Video Toaster up in Ithaca, New York with the guidance of Mike Tag and Steve Crandall. I love watching videos from this ear. Tricks were sketchy and the quality of the filming was sub par compared to today. Take my section in the video… I case half my bike on a 720, come off early on rails and use wood take offs on jumps. All this would be unacceptable now. But that is just evolution. I get stoked when ever I see this section simply because it brings back lots of memories of spots that are no longer here, people I barely see any more and how things have changed but the feeling of my bike is the same.”Eastern Bikes.



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