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Eclat Nathan Williams Stem Out Now + Promo

Nathan Williams’ signature top load stem from Eclat is out now and above is a quick promo with a few riding shots from Nathan himself. The steam is CNC machined out of a 6061-T6 alloy brick, weight 289g (10.19oz) and comes in three different color options, black, blue and high polished.
“Right from the start we knew that the signature stem for Nathan had to be something special. As a start Nathan had some interesting ideas to incorporate, and once we had settled on a toploader with a lower offset we then worked out the aesthetics. In order to give the stem a cleaner look we opted for a pinch clam, so that the front side of the cap would meet flush with the stem body. We then worked out a way to sink the rear part of the cap into the stem body in such a way that it hid the botls from view. This unique feature gives stem a distinctive integrated look, and at the same time grips the bar with incredible force.”



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