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Eclat – Sniper Level Promo Feat. Darryl Tocco

Eclat BMX asked Darryl Tocco to put their Sniper lever to a test and film a few clips to get a promotional video done. First watch Darryl ride and get a brief info about the lever and that go to the Eclat web site to learn more about it.
“The Sniper lever was designed from the very beginning to be the ultimate brake lever in all senses. The shape of the lever itself was sculptured for the perfect reach, with a slimmer center section and winder at the end where the finger pulls. This improves the ergonomic feeling of the lever and therefore the force you can comfortably apply on it. The backside of the lever is flat, so that when the lever is pulled tight, there is still maximum clearance to the knuckles of the other fingers. We used a cold fogging process for the lever parts as this offers increased strength characteristics over casting.”



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