[Update] Eddie Cleveland Off Fit, On Stranger

I haven’t heard or seen anything from Eddie Cleveland for a while now, so at some point this isn’t a big surprise to me, but on the other side is, because Eddie sure was one of the best brakeless, pegless style of riders out there. Not really sure what story lies behind all these, but Eddie is no longer in the sport, well I am sure he will still be getting a session done here and there. I know his biggest passion right now are motorcycles, so maybe there is something cooking around that lifestyle.

[Update] And we have the news here. Eddie Cleveland find a spot on Stranger team. Now that was fast, wasn’t it?
“Eddie is one of my favorite riders of all time and after a bit of a wait we can now officially announce that he will be riding for Stranger from this point forward. Eddie is a natural at everything he does and has a lot of new shit going on this year that your not going to want to miss. More to come soon.”– Rich Hirsch



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