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ESPN – Inside The Bay Area BMX Scene

Zac Costa

“Since the early ’80s, the San Francisco/Bay Area scene has supported a vibrant BMX scene that has ranged from progressive flatland to definitive street riding and covered everything in between, including vert, dirt, race and skatepark riding. But San Francisco and The Bay Area never really became a de facto BMX destination in the ways that New York City, Austin, Texas and now Long Beach, Calif. are experiencing. For a very long time now, it’s existed on the peripheries of “blowing up” without actually blowing up.

Recently, ESPN BMX contributing photographer Kyle Emery-Peck sent over an assortment of shots from the San Francisco/Bay Area scene, and we decided to see what makes the San Francisco/Bay Area scene so great for those that do live in and support the area scene. Assembled here are Kyle’s photos, with explanations from each rider about what they think makes their scene so great.”ESPN
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