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Eurobike 2013 – Lotek

Today is the last day of Eurobike Show 2013 in Friedrichshafen, Germany and I was over there this past Wednesday in search for all the new stuff BMX companies are bringing out along with checking out all the other bicycle scene, road bike, MTB, electric bike and more.
Here are photos I took of the new Lotek line of shoes. Mike Hoder’s signature BTM shoes are above and after the jump you can find Nightwolfs, Garrett Reeves’, Faders and the old Mike’s shoes. The shoes are looking really good and they feel great in the hand. The only think it bothered me for a little is the weight of the BTM shoes, I found those quite heavy. Or maybe it is just me, because I am used to pretty light shoes.
Shoese are out now, so contact your local shop or favourite mail order and get yourself a pair.



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