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Failure Prototype Stem, Hub-Guard & Pegs

Failure will have all kind of new products in their 2012 line, or maybe later. Above is a sneak peek shot of their prototype top load stem, hub-guard and pegs.

“We are working on all kinds of new parts here at Failure. Coming out with new parts is a long process. When dealing with Taiwan, things can take months and months or even years. First you have a concept that you think of and design it in Solidworks. Once that part is done, you send the files to Taiwan and it may take quite awhile to get a sample. Even when you do finally get the samples in your hands, a lot of times things are not done totally the way you want them to be. If thats the case, you have to wait on another sample. Then there is the time to test the product by letting your team riders ride the stuff. I changes need to be mad, then you may be waiting and waiting for another sample. You get my drift. Well here is a look at some new Failure stuff we are working on that will be out later this year.”Failure.



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  1. I’m down to get the pegs when they come out they look pretty legit.

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