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FBM Bikes – Beat Ass Trailer

BEAT ASS Trailer from Make Your Bones on Vimeo.

Trailer for the third FBM style “Lords Of Fun” trip, a three days long trip of motorcycles, bikes, fun, parties, stunts and other madness. This is going to be mad and we need to wait until Friday the 13th when the final product will drop.
“The original Lords of Fun trip took place in January 2008 with a motorcycle, bmx, side car trip through Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A few years later, Lords of Fun 2 followed a similar course, adding a green limo and a moped for good measure.
This year, for Lords of Fun 3, the limo was swapped for a black school bus and a chihuahua. A gang of misfits from all over the country met up in Richmond, Virginia and headed south into the rain in search of open roads, concrete transitions, burnt barrels and good times.”
Steve Crandall.



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