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Fiend BMX’s New Video “Fiending” Is Not Human

I really do not know where to start. This new thirteen minutes long video from the Fiend BMX crew called “Fiending” is seriously insane and in my opinion not human. 13 minutes of pretty much all street riding that will blow you away, that will make your jaws drop and that will simply make you go “WOW.” Not only this is an insane stree video featuring full parts from JJ Palmere, Garrett Reynolds and Ty Morrow, it also welcomes Fiend BMX’s new pro rider Colin Varanyak. It is hard to describe who’s section is the best, but since this is the official Colin introduction I will go with Colin Varanyak. Don’t get me wrong, all parts are incredibly good, but hey, Colin is the new addition to the team so he needs extra shine.
Filmed at spots around California, Texas, Barcelona, Mexico and Philadelphia, video made by Tony Ennis.

The new Fiend BMX video is Fiendingly Not Human!

You know what I will do now? I will hit the play button for one more time and try not to blink, not even for a second. This just is too good to be true – But It Is True!
Ladies and gentleman, enjoy the madness and be amazed by the Fiend BMX crew.

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