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FlatWebTV Episode 19

“In this episode of FlatWebTV we had a sit down with North America’s newest pro, Mark Kuhlman, we announced our newest Jungle Rider giveaway and quickly recap the recent VoodooJam.

Red Jungle Rider 18.5” Frame givaway. For this contest we want you guys to make something. It can be art, music, poetry, video, just about anything creative, as long as it uses the FlatWebTV & Jungle Rider logo/or name. This is an individual effort, so no team work (everyone is on the honor system)! Once you have completed it, get in touch with us using the “contact us” link on If possible, send us a link to what you have done, but keep it private until we can announce the winner. We must receive your entry by the 15th of August. Good luck!”



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