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Fortune Favours The Brave

Fortune Favours the Brave from Remy Archer on Vimeo.

“In the past year I have been lucky enough to see 12 different countries, climb to the top of mountains and swim to the bottom of the sea. I’ve broken 5 bones, snapped a ligament and ruptured 2 more. Spending 9 out of 12 months in casts or splints gave me a lot of time to think about whats important for me. Something that stood out was the people I surround myself with. The people I am drawn to tend to be non-conformist, do-or-die, risk takers. These people also tend to be happier. Are the crashes a result of miss-places confidence or do they facilitate our desire to be the best we can be? I am honoured to know such brave and barmy people and be able to call them my friends. May we never forget that life begins at the edge of out comfort zones.”– Remy Archer



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