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Fox BMX – Taco Tuesday With Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey And Zack Warden

Those bastards have to worry about what they will eat and we are killing ourself here with snow, Fox BMX just knows how to make us jealous and we like it. To showcase their Spring 2014 Mainline collection they met up with Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey and Zack Warden at Casey’s place. They threw a session down, later headed over to get some Tacos and after eating that delicious food, they did some street riding also. Nothing really insane going down in here, but with riders like Fox BMX has, you know things will look good no matter what. Seeing Pat Casey riding in shorts was kinda new, wasn’t it? Or maybe I missed something in his previous web edits. The collection is now available, so head over to their web site, or just contact your local shop or favorite mail order and get fresh.

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