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Freestyle Now – January 2013 Mix

Freestyle Now is a BMX riders run enterprise, focused in stunt performance with youth orientated events and programs. It was founded back in 1986 by three good friends, Geroge Molnar, Brad Dyer and Shaun Jarvis. All had the same passion and this passion was BMX Freestyle. After a few years, Shaun Jarvis was the one who took Freestyle Now in his hands and kept spreading the sport and the culture that goes along with it around the country of Australia. Shaun’s company is now 27 years old and it is that exact time that took them to finally came out with a crew web edit. Yep, you heard it right, but you know the saying, better late than never. Now it is January 2013 and you can watch their edit that includes riding from Andrew McDermott, Andy Fortini, Billy Brooks, Brady Thomas, Callum McCauley, Dave Pinelli, Dylan Schmidt, Jason Parker, Kie Ashworth, Kim Johnson, Laurence Bakewell, Paul Chamberlain, Phillip Marshall, Shaun Jarvis, Tanh Ga Tim Rose. Freestyle Now is not orientated in just one category, but as you will see in the edit above, their riding styles are trails riding, street riding, flatland riding, skatepark riding, ghetto shredding and even skateboarding. Enjoy.

Freestyle BMX



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