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Freestyle5 Episode 7

Freestyle5 Episode 7 from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.

“Welcome again to Freestyle 5. We have a special guest in studio to join us, Joe Loumena. Joe has been an icon in the flatland and old school scene for a long time coming now. If you have ever made the trek to Portland for one of the infamous Enjoy The Trick flat jams you have Joe to thank. We stole Joe away from printing BSR shirts long enough to talk shop on a couple videos.
This episode we cover some flatland by Michael Steingraeber, the Business trailer out of Canada, and Dylan Pfohl’s Trail Mix. So sit back and relax, because this is Freestyle 5. Has anyone seen Roman?

Edits Discussed:
Trail Mix / Dylan Pfohl
Splice / Michael Steingraeber
Business Trailer / Byron Kutchera

Other Mentions:“.



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