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Together Full Video

Together (full video) from Konstantin Chernov (Koshtrik) on Vimeo.

“For all of us BMX it’s not just a bicycle or sport. It gave to us nice friends, traveling, fun, unforgettable moments and it all motivate to do something good.
Together bmx/lifestyle video from 2011. It was a nice year! There were two premieres at cinemas of Moscow and Voronezh.
It include our eurotrip, events, many riding, parties, crashes and more. I did big work, hope you will like it.
Konstantin Chernov, Dmitriy Proncevich, Alexey Dergachev, Vitaliy Prohorov, Dmitriy Koshel, Ilya Kuhtin, Ilya Bogachev, Denis Chizhov, Gosha Podyapolskiy, Artem Agibalov, Roma Shalimov, Roma Avdeev and other.”
– Konstantin Chernov.



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