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Greg Henry In BMXFU 5 – Guy Stuff

Greg Henry in BMXFU 5 – Guy Stuff from Ten Pack Distribution on Vimeo.

This is the first section from the BMXFU’s “Guy Stuff” DVD featuring Greg Henry.
“So when we started filming GUY STUFF, I had to wrap my head around a way to make sure everyone was down to save all of their footage instead of putting out edits for their sponsors like everyone (understandably) wants to do.
We came to the agreement that after the majority of the copies were out there, we’d begin to upload a few sections slowly as web edits for the riders’ hookups. It seemed like the best of both worlds rite?
So here’s the first of the sections that will be online. Just to clarify, you should still seek out a copy at your local shop because there’s a TON of shit that won’t get uploaded. Have them hit up the distributors listed at the end.
First up is Greg Henry feat. Chris Zeppieri. Doing it for ALMOND, ECLAT, WETHEPEOPLE and TENPACK. I love this section and I think it represents the feel of the entire video which is why we chose to have it be the first upload.”
– Charlie Crumlish, BMXFU.



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