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Inside Greg Jam 2012

inside greg jam 2012 from flatSTUDIO on Vimeo.
“Austin is unique in the US; in that we have a long established riding scene here with a central “spot” to ride. Lots of riders over the years have made a stop here at the OG to ride with us, and today I’m pleased to show you this little slice of life bit from our jam with Greg “the steez” Tylosky. I just made that nickname up right now. He’s rad at bikes.

Greg came to visit us from Seatle, and to spend a week here just enjoying Austin. It was a real treat to see his sick controlled street + flatland style, and ride with him.
The day of the jam, and the day before was sadly just miserably wet and chilly. Not everyone believed that it would be rideable, but for those of us that attended; it totally was!

This is a vibe video- not a greatest hits video. I’m taking you with me inside our rainy little jam at the OG.”FlatStudio.



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