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Haro – The Rise Of The Freestyle Book Launch Video

On Friday, May 31st, there was a release party hosted at The Bicycle Source in Anaheim, California for the Haro and Dom Phipps book “The Rise of BMX Freestyle.” Get some stories from the guys, old schoolers and legends about the beginnings of the BMX.
“When Bob Haro took a bold stem into business world of BMX in late 1978, who could have predicted the impact of that decision on American and global youth culture. This book charts the story of the Haro brand from Bob’s humble beginnings as a BMX racer and aspiring entrepreneur in southern California, through the years working for the BMX Action magazine as a staff artist, and into infamous 1980’s – an unrivaled period of intense progression and creativity for the new sport. As the story evolves through the decade, and new brands enter the scene, Haro Designs scales up and leads freestyle into a new era.
Through these 144 pages, you will find unique insights and imagery from Bob Haro, his riders and team managers, the Vice president of the company and other influential personalities from the era. This is the beginning of our sport. A celebrated period where the blueprint of a modern day Action sport was being created at the hands oh an inspirational team of freestyle riders and dedicated company employees. This is volume 1, stay tuned for the next installment.”



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