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Harry Main Calling The Shots For Kyle Baldock

Um… I really do not know where to start with this one. Kyle Baldock is just insane and when you know one of England’s finest park riders, Harry Main, is calling shots for him, things will go really, REALLY, insane. And they did. Kyle and Harry met up at the GC Compound indoor skatepark to film for the latest episode of the Clocking On series. Since Harry is still taking it a bit slow, Kyle Baldock was the guy doing all the incredible stunts. It is almost un-human how good this kid is. From the first to the last trick, expect that bunnyhop over the fence, every single one is mental. And by mental, I seriously think Mental. Oh and since Kyle Baldock does not know how to get a truck driver to footjam to barspin in done, he called Chance Brejnakowski to pull it for him. Is that even legal? To call someone to pull trick for you in the middle of calling the shots? Well, lets say it is. Seat back, relax and enjoy this madness.

Kyle Baldock



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