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What Hatnin – Get Lifted Than Get Down

“New What Hatnin edit gettin a little funky with it. Got a bunch of friends up in here all over ca getting it in, doing there thing. Thanks to everyone who ever comes in contact to this in any way, we had fun as always that shit matters haha.
Filming:Arnold Vigoa, Brian Johnson, Nick Tansley
Editing: Arnold Vigoa
Song: George McCrae – I get Lifted
Bmx stunt riders:Dillon Gassaway, Dave Escobar, Matthew Nietschke, Zach Vogle, Will Donohue, Armando Ruiz, Arnold Vigoa, Chris Bracamonte, Mike Jonas and Iz Pulido
Now tickle a goatburger with some hash on it.”
– What Hatnin.



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