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Hazed Wax

After a few companies that started doing wax for BMX, here is another one called Hazed.
“What started as doodles and kitchen experiments have become a creative outlet ,learning experience, and an ever growing project. Hazed is a natural free spirited brand that focuses on creativity and having a good time, and one of the ever growing projects is what we call Hazed Glaze. Its a homemade wax cooked up in a kitchen from a unique blend of waxes. If you have a stubborn ledge or rail, or if you want to slide the whole thing instead of only doing half, Hazed Glaze is for you. The glaze will always be changing however, colors and smells will be as unique as the people who use it. Just as unique as Hazed Glazed we have different types of apparel created by the unique minds of the people working in the backgrounds. So stay tuned to see whats in store.”Hazed.

Update: Watch promo edit after the jump.



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