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Head First With Vinny Crispino

People get hurt all the time, on streets, trails, skatepark or at race tracks. It hurts, but it is nothing new, when a news pops out that someone crashed really bad and injured his head. I know that wearing beanies and hats is stylish and makes everything look better, but hey, what about Alex Donnachie for example, he is riding a helmet all the time and you barely notice he has it on, because of all those ridiculous moves he does. Vinny Crispino recently injured his head pretty badly, trying an icepick down the rail for a photo. Thank god he survived, but it looked really nasty and I don’t know if I can imagine it in how much pain he was. Watch Vinny above telling you what happened, telling you about surgeries and how happy he was seeing Vinnie Sammon visiting him in hospital.



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