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EX & HOP Contest Munich 2011

Just got this edit in my email and must say that I really enjoyed watching it. Sebi Messerer made this one from the EX & Hop contest that went down in Munich, Germany last weekend. Read the words from Sebi after the jump. Thanks.

“More than 40 riders, 30°, blue skies and alltogether 300.000 people – an edit about the EX&HOP Contest 2011 that happened for the third time within the Streetlife Festival in the city center of Munich last weekend. The entire southern German street elite showed up – among them Stephan Götz, Michi Rösler, Wolfi Wildner, Fab Dog Stobbe, Daniel Schumacher, Benny Jones, Torsten “The Legend” Pullich and Andi Wohnig from the Beer Unit Regensburg who took home Best Trick and the Bunny Hop Contest… Not to forget the presumed dead Perry Petermüller who specially crawled out of his tuning-garage.”



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