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One Hour With Andres Lainevool

Seen on Ride BMX. Check it out for the whole article that includes a good intervie with Andre Lainevool.
“I first saw Andres Lainevool at a small skatepark in Tallinn, Estonia the day before Simpel Session in 2009. That was just over two years ago, and even then he was absolutely killing it—I was immediately impressed. He has progressed like crazy over the years and has been the only Estonian rider to make the finals at the last two Simpel Session contests. This year we caught up with Andu before the Session and went to two different skateparks to film with him for a Monday Edit. The first park was really small and still under construction, and we were only there for about 20 minutes before he was out of stuff to film. The second park is also small, but has a few more options, so we filmed there for about 40 minutes. Although we only filmed for about an hour total, Andu was able to put together some solid clips for the video. To help get to know him a little better we did a this introductory interview with him as well.”– Fat, Ride BMX



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