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How-To Make Your Hub Louder

How To Degrease a Cassette Hub (make it louder) from tacoveD on Vimeo.

Did you ever thought of making your hub louder? Well if you did, here is a video which will help you to make your wish come true. Read more and find out 7 tips.

1.) Pull off axle hardware on Drive Side
2.) Take off the lock nut
3.) CAREFULLY pull out the driver, if your using a q-lite hub, with inverted pawls, just pull it out, you’ll be fine. but if your using a normal hub, the pawls and springs will fly off if your too harsh with them
4.) wipe the grease off, going in the direction of the hub, or throw in the grease you want. DO NOT USE WD40. just dont.
5.) slide the driver back on, sometimes it wont just slide right on, it might take some jimmy-ing, but you’ll be fine.
6.) put on the locknut, i hand tighten mine, its never that tight
7.) your done! try out your new loud sounding hub!

DISCLAMER: i am not responsible for anyone who fucks up their hub. if you’re brave enough to follow my potentially foolish instruction, knock yourself out. i can tell you that its worked for me, but thats about all i can tell you. if you break your shit, dont get mad at me.



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