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Think Before You Ink – Nygel Sylvester

Here is an edit featuring Nigel Sylvester talking about BMX, tattoos, why he likes tattoos, when he got his first tattoo, along with shots from getting Animal logo tattoo and clips from his old edits.

“Summer’s here! It’s a new season and we have a new series of Think Before You Ink videos. If you are not familiar with the previous series of the documentary, their purpose is to show how tattoos have affected various peoples’ lives within differing occupations and how they have made their tattoos work for them. It is a way of allowing their skin to tell the story.
In this first volume of the second series we have Professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester. While filming for his third installation of ‘Get Sylvester’ that is currently out now, we were able to get a few minutes of Nigel’s time for a our TBYI interview. Along with some of his riding footage courtesy of Nike, G-Shock, and Beats by Dre we were able to start off this second series with great energy from the pro rider.”
Think Before You Ink



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