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Inuk Siegstad Edit

Inuk Siegstad posted this on our timeline and right away I knew I will be posting it on the site, cause this kid has tons of skills. It starts with a dialed nose manual, followed by some great front wheel moves and other skatepark riding around Denmark. Ever saw four footjam tailwhips in a row?



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  1. And he is from Sisimiut in Greenland. He started for about 4 – 5 years ago with BMX in Sisimiut. He was in Denmark in 2 years at school and 1 year live in Randers at work at All Access sk8/BMX Park in Randers.

    Twice He participant in Slaget på Broen arraged by Red Bull in Copenhagen but second times was the event cansled because the weather.

    Inuk is 18 years old and he is on at All access show team.

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