Jeremiah Smith Or Shaun White

Jeremiah Smith, Shaun White

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“For years, Maineville, Ohio to Woodward, Pa. transplant Jeremiah Smith has been mistaken by casual action sports fans for snowboard/skateboard star Shaun White. The two share little resemblance to each other past long, flowing red hair, but that hasn’t stopped fans from asking Jeremiah to pose for photos with him (under the guise that he is Shaun White instead of a BMX pro that rides X Games Park and is able to throw down some of the sport’s more stylish superman seatgrabs.) Jeremiah laughs off the comparison and doesn’t pay it much mind. Instead, he’s focused on riding. And in the new year, that means more street, more trips and possibly more tattoos. Recently, while on a filming trip with parts sponsor Snafu, Jeremiah sat down to field some tough questions. This is Jeremiah Smith — not Shaun White.”ESPN



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