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Jim Cielencki On Sunday Frame Manufacturing

“Last month, I published a blog devoted to BMX brands selling and manufacturing US-made BMX frames. During the course of compiling that blog, I noticed that the costs of some US-made frames were actually becoming cheaper than that of some brands manufacturing frames overseas. And in the blog’s intro, I noted that some frames, such as S&M frames made in the USA, were sometimes cheaper than Taiwan-produced frames, such as Sunday. Of course, comparing the costs alone, without analyzing the story behind the costs of the frames wasn’t what I had intended to do. Afterwards, Sunday’s Jim Cielencki contacted me to discuss the reasoning behind why some Sunday frames were retailing for prices higher than US-made frames. According to Jim, “We never went to Taiwan to get a better cost on our frames. We went there because the ideas that we wanted to do were not available in the USA and are still not available today.”- Brian Tunney, ESPN.



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