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JJ Anderwald Bike Check

Last week JJ Anderwald went to Stolen office to built himself up a brand new bike out. This bike is pretty much Stolen all the way from frame to pegs and it also has a few prototype products, like the frame, sprocket/guard and front tire. Check parts list after the jump.

Frame: STLN Prototype 20.6″
Fork: STLN Typhoon
Bars: STLN Deviant 8.5″
Grips: STLN Loot
Barends: STLN Vortex PC
Headset: STLN Insider II
Cranks: STLN Team 2.5
Bottom bracket: STLN Revolver
Sprocket: STLN Sumo 25t Prototype w/ guard
Pedals: STLN Throttle (sealed)
Chain: STLN Balland
Seat: STLN F*Boss
Seat post: STLN Tuner
Front wheel: STLN Rebellion, sealed female hub, Revolver rim
Front tire: Sample 2.3″
Rear wheel: STLN Rebellion, sealed female cassette, 9t driver, Revolver rim
Rear tire: STLN/Tioga FS10



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