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Joel Barnett – Cranx Rehab

This park looks just so much fun.
“In December 2011, Joel Barnett had surgery to repair his torn ACL on his right knee. While he was down and out, Fit Bike Co. help him put together a brand new ride to get him rolling again as he healed. During the same period, Cranx bike park sprung out of the ground and with the new ramps right down the street, he began the long process of building strength up in his knee again. This footage is the most recent riding that we’ve captured as he begins to fully recover from the surgery.
Joel would like to thank Van Homan and Stew Johnson at Fit Bike Co., Dale Cruce at Cranx Bike, Brien Kielb at Sparky’s, and Nuno at Odyssey.”
– Korey Kryder



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