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Juanje Trujillo “One-Handed BMX Rider” Welcome To FisureBMX

I don’t know who is more excited right now, me watching this amazing new edit from Juanje Trujillo, or guys over at FisureBMX. Probably both the same. I really can not say how much I enjoyed watching this dude shred. Juanje is the newest member of the FisureBMX team and what’s incredible he has only one hand and he shreds. Not only shreds, he kills it. Juanje Trujillo has a modified handlebar that allows him to ride on walls, grinds, pulling 180s and many more goodness.
Stop winning about riding BMX bikes and how you can not do it and stuff. Enjoy and have fun with it no matter what. Everyone can do it and Juanje Trujillo is an amazing example.
Just hit play right now and enjoy watching this dude riding and pulling awesome stuff.
Filmed and edited by Yoni Cadenas.

juanje trujillo



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