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K. Rob To Clean Scotty Cranmer’s Bike

“Prior to Sunday night’s Super Bowl XLVI match, featuring the NY Giants against the New England Patriots, Kevin Robinson (of Providence, R.I.) and Scotty Cranmer (of Jackson, N.J.) made a friendly wager about the game. With Kevin being a Patriots fan, and Scotty being a Giants fan, the wager involved bike cleaning. If the Patriots won, Scotty would have to clean Kevin’s bike at the next X Games, and if the Giants won, Kevin would have to clean Scotty’s bike.
As we all know by now, the NY Giants beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI with a score of 21-17. And Kevin Robinson graciously accepted defeat to Cranmer. In the above video, we witness the build up to the game and the eventual conclusion, along with some killer fan footage of Cranmer. Once K. Rob cleans Scotty’s bike, we will update this story.”
– Brian Tunney, ESPN.



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