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Kink’s New Pivotal Seat / Post Design Info

Innovations are always good for the sport and community and Kink came out with something new for you guys. Read more info about their new pivotal seat/post combo bellow, written by their product manager Matt Antes.
“If you happened to be at Interbike this year, you might have caught a glimpse of our new take on the Pivotal system. Initially this concept came about from a purely aesthetic point of view and turned into a very functional design. A seat is one of the few places on your bike where you can get really creative without compromising strength or functionality, and removing the patch gives us more freedom to do that. After brainstorming a few ways to make it all work, we developed not only a way to remove the patch, but a way to make installation of the seat much easier. The same Pivotal bolt is now broached with a 5mm Allen key which you simply thread down into the front of the our new seat post, clean and simple.
Compatibility wise, this system is totally compatible with existing Pivotal seats and seat posts. If you have our new seat post, traditional seats will work just the same, installing them just as you normally would via the Pivotal patch. If you want to run the seat on your existing seat post, it will work but you will need an Allen key wrench that is long enough to reach the entire length of your seat post and thread the bolt down through. This could be a little bit tricky depending on how long your post is.
The seat post pictured here is a CNC prototype which is why you might be noticing all the machining marks, production posts will be 3D forged 6061 aluminum. The seat and post are both in their final testing stages and you can expect to see them available next Spring.”
– Matt Antes, Kink Product Manager



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