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Konsta Määttä Bike Check

Check Konsta Määttä’s parts list after the jump.

Frame: United Mothership v2 20.8\’\’
Bar: United Mothership 8.5\’\’
Forks: United Dinero
Stem: SM Challenger
Grips: United Nathan Williams
Headset: Eclat Dual
Seat: Eclat OZ fat pivotal Brown Leather
Seat Post: Eclat Torch
Seat Clamp: United
Cranks: Eclat Tibia
Bottom Bracket: Eclat
Sprocket: Eclat Sylar 25t
Pedals: Eclat Plaza plastics
Rims (Front / Rear): Cinema 777\’s
Hubs (Front / Rear): Cinema VX\’s
Tires (Front / Rear): Eclat Controle 2.25 front and rear
Spokes: Cinema
Chain: Shadow Interlock v2
Brakes: Never
Pegs: Animal Butcher plastics



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