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Le Convoi Soul Trailer

LE CONVOI SOUL TRAILER from Soul Bmx Magazine on Vimeo.

“So you know SOUL is a bit bizarre magazine and instead of putting some pros in a sweet van and move from hotel to hotel with sexy ladies under our arms, we decided to improvise a BIG CONVOY with a bunch of our drunken friends of LA COMU and other crews from France, everyone were invited to join the troop and make the longest line of vehicles as possible so the traffic jam is ours 🙂 With 13 vans or cars and more than 30 people, the CONVOY made some noise this summer on the road of north France and Belgium/Holland, ask Oostende hihihi. it results a crazy video made by Florent Delahaye that will join the other 2 trips we made (by motorbike, by train) in soul dvd humbly called THE TRILOGY 🙂 and attached in SOUL 73 out before Christmas. Enjoy this little teaser.”Soul.



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