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Living The BMX Dream

“Over the last few months I’ve traveled all over the globe here is a little snippet of what i got. This video has a bunch a solid riding from kriss kyle, pete sawyer and myself accompanied by other fools just being idiots and having a laugh. Theres going to be plenty more like this soon on”– Jason Phelan

“Ive being bmxing over 12 years now and i think its time for a change so i wanted to branch out and create something new in the world. Ive always had a passion for massive tractor tyres as a child so i came up with this very unique sport. AGGRESSIVE TYRE RIDING. I think its going to kick of real big in ireland soon.If your looking to get into the sport and buy some tyres head over to for some awesome tyres perfect for the type of riding that you want to do.”



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