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Luc Legrand Animal Bikes 2014 Web Edit

ANIMAL – Luc Legrand 2014 from frenchys on Vimeo.

The one and only, the street assassin, the French Animal Bikes rider through Frenchys Distribution, Luc Legrand is back with a new street web edit. You can never really go wrong with any of Luc stuff and this new piece he filmed as his 2014 web edit for the brand is pure goodness. From really creative stuff to some seriously insane moves. Just like that last gap to icepick grind, that was freaking mental. I do not know what they was thinking when picking up the song, but still, in some way it fits good with his style. You will definitely be not disappointed after watching this Luc Legrand madness and there is a huge chance it will make you watch it for at least one more time if not even more. Enough with the words now, hit play and enjoy the video ad be amazed.

Luc Legrand



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