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Madera “Ride Like The Team” Contest – Jeff Dowhen’s Nosepress

Madera is hosting a pretty fun contest, where you can win yourself some of their goodies. One of Jeff Dowhen’s signature tricks is the Nosepress and here he is showing you a few variation of it to give you an idea what you can do with it. Read below to get all the rules:
1. Watch the video of Madera’s Jeff Dowhen doing one of his favorite tricks – the nosepress
2. Go film One clip of you doing a variation of the nosepress (could be a combo!). Upload it to Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook or WHEREVER!
3. Go Like our fan page:
4. Post your video on your Facebook page, Tag Madera and Link to this video in your post
5. Jeff Dowhen will judge the videos to see who has the coolest nosepress clip and wins a prize package from Madera!



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