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Marie Jade – Fish 2 Grammont

Marie Jade riders Alex Valentino, Joris Coulomb, Max Terrason and Remi Dumoulin had a few really powerful sessions at the skatepark in Grammont, France recently (well, not actually recently, I think back in the summer or fall will be better to say). All of these guys really killed it with some amazing lines and trick combos. It is crazy seeing Joris riding pretty much all the time in the opposite way. I also need to mention all the rest of riders, Alex, Max and Remi, because this new Marie Jade edit really made me stoked. Damn, it’s snowing outside, so no BMX for me today, but before tomorrow’s session I know I will be watching this one for one more time. Watch and enjoy in some French action. All this was filmed and edited by Cedric De Rodot.

Alex Valentino



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