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Martin Bartley Bike Check

Check Bartley Bike’s parts list after the jump.

Frame:kink liberty 2011
Bar:Odyssey Aaron Ross space bars
Forks:Odyssey dirt classics
Stem:Mutiny Lifted Stem
Grips:ANML Edwin Delarosa
Headset:BSD Integrated Headset
Seat:Federal Slim SL seat
Seat Post:ANML Micro Wedge Stump post
Seat Clamp:None
Cranks:Stolen Mob cranks 175mm
Pedals:Odyssey pc Twisted
Rims (Front / Rear):Proper Microlite Rim/Odyssey Hazard Rain LMTD ED
Hubs (Front / Rear):Profile mini front hub/Profile mini cassette hub LHD 9t
Tires (Front / Rear):Fit FAF/HARO Joe Dirt Tires
Spokes:Primo forged spokes
Chain:Clarks PTFE 1/8 White



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