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Matej Zan “The Burgler” By Evolution BMX

I remember the days when I first met Matej Zan from Ljubljana, Slovenia, and I instantly knew that this kid is the future of Slovenian scene. Now, a few years later (one or two, I do not remember exactly) I am watching his latest web edit and I just got blown away. Matej Zan progressed so freaking much in such a short time and he is only 15 (or maybe 16). I do not care about that years, but this kid is incredibly amazing. Since I took it a little easier this past winter I haven’t seen much Matej so I did not know what to expect in his latest web piece. I really got surprised with how much skills he actually has and how technical his riding is. Did I mention already that this kid is the future of Slovenia BMX scene? I did and I could say this for at least a million more times.
I will not say what are the tricks he pulled in here, I will let you get blown away, just like I was. And still am. Now lets together press the play button again and watch the madness for one more time. I tell you, Matej Zan could be your next favorite rider when you get to the end of his “The Burgler” video from Evolution BMX.
Filmed and edited by Maks Bernard, filmed over the winter 2013/2014 at the Urban Roof indoor skatepark in Ljubljana.

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