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Matt “Tall Boy” Thompson Video

“Well, after a few months of working out ideas and getting the coding figured out, it’s finally here. The all new video player. I hope you are as stoked on it as we are. Doing this should allow us to give back more to filmers for their work and keep videos from being too painful to watch like it was in our old video player. I think we have the best of both worlds with this and I couldn’t be more happy. There are still a few small bugs to work out like the mobile phone situation, but otherwise it’s pretty much all dialed.
To premiere the new player, I’ve got a fresh new edit from Bink Seavey featuring Matt “Tall Boy” Thompson along with clips from Reed Stark, Kyle Stark, Bink and Phlandus Alexander.
Anyone who has had the chance to see the new Team Dilly video “Team Dilly Is The Man” will know Matt is under the radar but super talented. After you watch this edit, make sure to pick up that video because you won’t be disappointed at all.”
The Union.



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