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Matthias Dandois Went Very Street-ish In Malaga

On a recent trip to Malaga, Spain Matthias Dandois managed to film this new web video for Xtreme and it came out way better than expected. We all know how creative Matthias can be and his flatland and street style of riding is simply amazing. But this new web edit is something a little different, something more street-ish. Dandois put his pegs to a pretty good use in here, but not only for his flatland combos, also for grinds. He cleared a nice double peg down a rail over a decent set of stairs and pulled a couple sweet feeble combos. There is also a pretty damn serious 360 of stairs in here, that I wasn’t expecting.
It is just a matter of time when we will be seeing Matthias Dandois pulling truck drivers. His half cab tailwhips are already pretty perfect.

matthias dandois



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