Matty Long Off Volume

This was really unexpected. Matty Long is riding no more for Volume Bikes, where he just got lucky getting his signature Midship frame.
“As Matty’s good friend growing up, to his team manager now, it bums me out significantly to see him go. Without going into great detail, what it all boils down to basically is both parties failing to see eye-to-eye for quite some time. We never wanted to lose him and I personally tried my best to iron out some of the wrinkles and look out for his best interests but unfortunately he decided it was his time to go. Matty is an amazing rider and we wish him nothing but the best of luck with any future endeavors, and of course would like to thank him for all the support & great times.”– Volume
“Decided to stop riding for Volume tonight, weren’t seeing eye to eye. Good times where had and a big thanks for everything. Looking forward to the future.”– Matty Long



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