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Mellon 7’s: Adam Banton

Adam Banton is one of those guys who really have unique and original style that is hard to copy or is even not possible because he always comes up with something new. We asked him to answer on our 7 questions for the mellon 7’s and here they are.

1. Name, Location, Sponsors.
Adam Banton, S.L.C, UT.
Eastern Bikes, Odyssey, Armourdillo, Osiris, Fender guitars, C.T.i kneebraces.
2. The best place to ride.
Hmm, really, not matter where as long as you have fun, for me that is Berringers backyard, Chenga, Rays MTB park, Paris street, and any unique ditch, almost any shape pool, and a fast flat ledge.
3. What do you think about BMX community?
BMX people are a great unique bread, I’d feel alone with out all of you.
4. What was your worst injury on or off your bike?
It’s a tie for a broken very bad spiral Tibula, fibula and ankle break, my foot was totally 180 degrees backwards flopping like a slinky. That or a riding without a A.C.L for years and having it pop out all the time tearing miniscis, eventually all the nerve endings shredded and died so it wasn’t that bad. I did get a new ACL.
5. Tell a joke for kids.
Knock knock………………Corn and Mop…………………?
6. What is your opinion about mellonBMX and online BMX contests?
Hmm, well, anything new, fresh and positive is alright with me, hopefully MellonBMX is that. Online BMX anything is a great chance for anyone to participate. I’m all for it.
7. Who would you like to thank?
Family, sponsors, and all my friends who helped my through the rough stuff. You know who you are, and MellonBMX.



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