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Mellon 7’s: Daniel Martinez

We got lucky and get 7 answers for our mellon 7’s section from a street machine Daneil “Lil-D” Martinez who is riding for Demolition, Volume and Osiris. Read more and find out what he has to say.

1. Name, Location, Sponsors.
Daniel Martinez,L.A CA.
Volume, Demolition, Osiris.
2. The best place to ride.
Best place to ride rite now is this school down the street from my house it has so much stuff to do there.
3. What do you think about BMX community?
The BMX community is growing fast right now everyone is trying to ride its awesome,bikers have a real chill vibe.
4. What was your worst injury on or off your bike?
I got hit by a truck and it ran over my leg and split my foot open and had to get a bunch of stitches and couldn’t ride for a couple of months.
5. Tell a joke for kids.
Cant think of one,its to early. Haven’t had my cereal yet.
6. What is your opinion about mellonBMX and online BMX contests?
The site looks cool,people are always talking about who’s web video was the best and stuff so i guess you get to vote on it now. haha, I’ve never seen or heard about online contest so this is new but id like to see whats up with it.
7. Who would you like to thank?
Like thank everyone that hooks me up,all my sponsors and all the homies! Peace.



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